Things Not To Dowa

1. Do not make any expensive purchases– By making an expensive purchase such as a new auto, or furnishings for your home it can affect your Debt to Income ratio and change the ability for you to become qualified. It is better to wait until the home is refinanced or purchased before you make any expensive purchase.

2. Do not move money around in your accounts– While in the process of a purchase or refinance, it is unwise to move money around in your accounts. Lenders require a verifiable paper trail of your bank statements, and asset statements. If you move money around in your accounts, it is difficult for the lender to determine where money is coming or going. This can affect their ability to approve your loan.

3. Do not Quit your Job or get a New Job – When in the process of a loan, it is extremely important to continue working at your present job. Finding a new job or quitting your current job is virtually a certainty that your loan will be denied.

4. Do not disregardĀ a Lenders requests for additional documents – Even if your loan has been pre-approved, it is not a guarantee that the lender will give you final approval for your loan. Often times, lenders will require you to provide additional documentation regarding your loan. Make sure to get it to them as quickly as possible. This will allow them to make their final decision in approving your loan. Delaying their requests will generally make it more difficult to receive final approval.

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