Seattle Home Mortgage – Realestate marketing webinar


I am a loan officer that lives in the Seattle Home Mortgage area – and recently took part in a marketing program for loan officers that not only gave me a free website, but taught me how to market more successfully using twitter, facebook, Search engine optimization, and so much more. The webinars were for free. Since then I have continued on in the marketing lab and have gained a ton of information that has helped me grow my business. This same organization is now offering this to Real Estate Agents. If you would really like to grow your business, this marketing lab is phenomenal. There is a preliminary meeting this Friday Sept. 18th at 10:00 am you may register at this should give you an overview of the actual 3 day marketing webinar that will begin on Wednesday Sept 30 – Friday Oct. 2nd, 2009. Or you may go to and sign up. You certainly won’t be out anything checking it out and it has tons of things that will help you increase your business. So you might be thinking what is in it for me?? Absolutely nothing. I am just sharing information that I found to be truly valuable. Hope you have a chance to check it out.

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