Washington Home loan – 2008 one third of mortgage apps denied


In a new article released by the Federal government, nearly one third of all mortgage applications were denied nationally as well as in the Washington home loan arena.

In the annual mortgage practices report among lending institutions the Federal reserve said that the denial rate was about 32 percent, which was about the same as in 2007. This affects all of us here in the Washington Home loan arena as well as the rest of the nation. Being able to overcome these types of hurdles requires diligence in order to make a living in the Washington home loan area as well as the US. Loan officers must be at the top of their game and be diligent in making certain how to help their clients qualify and how to get them qualified.

Using different organizations one must first help their challenged customers become credit worthy. Using a good credit clean-up organization is key. I know from first hand experience it has made a difference for me in the Washington home loan area.

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